Free Online Streaming July 1, 2016

It’s no secret that online streaming will soon completely replace traditional television and it will do so with good reason. Online streaming is a whole new world of convenience when it comes to entertainment. With TV, you only had the choice of watching whatever was on and you had to watch it at the specific time that it was on. With online streaming you have a lot more freedom. You can decide exactly what you want to watch (from the options that your streaming service gives you) and when you want to watch it. This type of streaming is also usually ad free which means you can binge watch your favorite TV show without getting interrupted even once.

There is a downside to online streaming however. Most online streaming services charge you in order to use the streaming services. Even worse, most of them don’t offer all of the series and movies that you’d like. For example, while Netflix does have Orange Is The New Black, it doesn’t have Game Of Thrones. Showmax on the other hand does have Game Of Thrones, but it doesn’t have Orange Is The New Black.

Many people become frustrated by this because they cannot afford to pay for multiple streaming services just because a specific series or movie isn’t available on the one they already have. Luckily, there is a very easy cost free alternative called Showbox.


Showbox is a free online streaming service that has all of the series and movies that you will ever need. It works with online streaming and does require an internet connection, but it has absolutely no costs attached to it.

It’s primarily a mobile app, but PC versions have been created in order to enjoy the streaming on a larger screen. There’s no reason to still be paying for online streaming.

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